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Earwax Removal - Barry, South Wales

MicroSuction Wax Removal - Barry, South Wales

safe, comfortable, effective treatment for a blocked ear


Is earwax making hearing difficult for you? Imagine how good you’ll feel and how your quality of life will improve when a short, friendly visit to our helpful family practice in nearby Penarth enables us to remove that wax from your ears. 


MicroSuction a straightforward, safe, and comfortable procedure. It’s a quick way to put the sparkle back in your hearing and improve your enjoyment of life.



What is MicroSuction?

MicroSuction is a modern, hygienic, proven procedure for removing built-up earwax in your auditory canal (‘ear canal’). In most cases, it provides instant relief from the scourge of ‘ear wax’. How good does that sound?


Trained Professionals

We understand that the idea of inserting something in your ear may be off-putting. That’s why the simple procedure is only carried out by our experienced medical practitioners. Our nurse and hearing aid audiologist will be extensively trained in MicroSuction earwax removal. They’re fully qualified in the procedure and regularly complete ongoing training. This means you can be sure they’re up to date with the latest medical procedures and knowledge. 

We do everything possible to ensure your safety, comfort and hygiene. For example, all equipment used during your procedure is ‘single use’ – what goes into your ears hasn’t been in anyone else’s.

Keeping you safe and comfortable 

For your comfort during MicroSuction, our clinics have fully adjustable ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) chairs. These mean we can fully support your head and neck, and precisely adjust your position to the safest, most comfortable. During MicroSuction, we also use ENT-grade binocular microscopes for their excellent depth perception; the enhanced accuracy helps avoid discomfort.


We are proud to serve you if you are in the South Wales area. Call, email, or pop in with any questions or inquiries.

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