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Comprehensive Hearing Assessment 

Our hearing assessment includes in depth analysis on the health of your ears and how well you process speech in noise, enabling us to find the very best solution for your particular needs and requirements.

After taking all relevant medical history we perform a full examination of the outer ear, ear canals and eardrums including, when needed, Video Otoscopy (an instrument to look into the ears with a camera that transmits images to a screen) and Tympanometry (to detect problems with the eardrum or middle ear disorders such as fluid). 

We then perform an Air Conduction and Bone Conduction hearing test which will indicate your particular level of deafness and type. A Speech in Noise Test is then conducted which will help in indicating how well you can understand speech in a noise environment. 

An explanation of your results is then given and if hearing aids are required we will discuss several options on the most appropriate hearing device for you.

Fitting & Trial

Our practice provides a 30-day trial period with all hearing aids we prescribe. This allows our clients to test their new device with family and friends in the environments that matter to them before committing to purchase.

Over the 30-day trial we arrange regular follow up appointments to ensure the hearing aids are adjusted and set correctly and the patient is comfortable in operating and maintaining them.


Our Aftercare Service

All hearing aids that we prescribe come with a comprehensive aftercare service which is individually tailored to your specific needs at no additional charge for patients coming to the branch.

Typically, this involves either six monthly or yearly check-up appointments and can depend on the model of hearing aid you have or your specific needs. This includes ongoing hearing examinations.

We work with the best brands of hearing aid technology