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According to some sources, as many as two out of three people with hearing loss are undiagnosed and untreated in the UK. Are you one of them? Imagine if we could put things right!

Have you noticed yourself struggling to hear what people say? Or had trouble following an interesting conversation? Do friends and family comment that you always have the TV or radio turned up too loud? Or maybe you need to consciously turn your head to hear sounds? If you’ve noticed these, or any other symptoms of hearing loss, please take action, talk to one of our friendly, helpful audiologists and arrange a hearing test and assessment as soon as possible.

It’s easy to arrange a hearing check

Your hearing problem could be caused by something as easy to rectify as earwax, which we can quickly and safely remove with MicroSuction. Even if it’s something else, modern audiology and hearing aids are so advanced that a wide range of hearing-loss solutions are possible with excellent results.

If this is you, your biggest challenge is probably recognising that your hearing isn’t what it used to be and asking for professional help. After that, it’s easy to arrange a hearing check at one of our conveniently located clinics in Hereford, Malvern, Penarth, Cinderford, or Bishop's Cleeve.


Your Hearing Assessment

Your hearing assessment includes in-depth analysis of your ear health and your ability to process speech in noisy environments. From this, we can recommend the most suitable hearing solution for your needs.

(1) First, we take all relevant medical history.

(2) Then we thoroughly examine your outer ears, ear canals and eardrums. This may include using video otoscopy to look into your ears with a camera and send images to a screen. We may also use tympanometry to detect any eardrum or middle ear issues. 

(3) Next, we do air conduction and bone conduction hearing tests to identify your type and level of deafness.

(4) We do a Speech in Noise Test too, to see how well you can understand speech in noisy environments. 

(5) Finally, we thoroughly interpret and explain your results in plain, jargon-free, English. If, in our professional opinion, we feel that hearing aids will help you, this is when we’ll also discuss the most appropriate device for you and your lifestyle.

Fitting and trialling your hearing aid

Once we know we need to correct hearing loss, we help you choose, fit and trial the most suitable hearing aid. This is very personal, so we go to great lengths to support you. All the hearing aids we prescribe come with a 30-day hearing aid trial. This means you can test your new device with family and friends in familiar situations before buying.

During your trial, we arrange regular follow up appointments to make sure your hearing aids are set and adjusted correctly, and that you can operate and maintain them confidently.


Aftercare Service

When we prescribe your hearing aid, you get comprehensive tailored aftercare. There’s no extra charge for this if you come into one of our branches.

Aftercare typically involves six or twelve monthly check-ups depending on your specific hearing aid and needs. And ongoing hearing examinations are included too.

Phone, email or pop in to make your appointment

Please don’t delay. If you think your hearing is getting worse, our friendly, family team is here to help you. Please arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

We work with the best brands of hearing aid technology