How Hearing Dogs Change Lives


You may have seen some updates from us recently about the hearing puppy we are sponsoring called Juno. Juno is unbelievably cute and excelling in her training but how exactly will she be able to make a positive impact on a person with profound hearing loss in the future?

Isolation, stress and loneliness are just some of the barriers that can face someone with hearing loss often resulting in a big loss of confidence. A hearing dog can make a big difference to the life of someone facing these feelings in many different ways. A large part of their role and something they are trained for early on is to alert the person with hearing loss to sounds that they may otherwise miss such as their telephone, alarm clock or doorbell. Being aware of these sounds may seem quite small but can make a big difference to someone's social life and confidence!

Did you know that in some cases dogs have even been responsible for saving the lives of people with hearing loss. It must be easy to feel vulnerable falling asleep knowing that if anything bad were to happen, such as as fire, you wouldn’t be able to hear an alarm. Hearing dogs are so important in these unfortunate events and have been widely hailed as heroes when they have alerted the person to danger and given them the chance to escape unharmed. Juno’s training is so important and we are very pleased to be sponsoring her development!

Perhaps above all else a hearing dog makes a wonderful companion to a person with hearing loss. Sometimes these individuals are some of the most isolated in our society and to be given a new found sense of independence builds an unbreakable bond which lasts a lifetime.

Did you know that you can sponsor the training of a hearing puppy too? If this is something you would like to do visit: to find out more and meet the puppies!

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