Major turning point in the campaign for GCSE British Sign Language!


In a breakthrough moment the UK government has backed down on its decision to delay introducing a GCSE in British Sign Language after the family of Daniel Jillings, a 12 year old boy with hearing loss, threatened legal action.

The campaign started out almost as soon as it was announced that there wouldn't be any new GCSEs introduced to the curriculum this parliament. The family from Suffolk sprung into action and began fighting for the change to be made as soon as possible. Daniel and his family have expressed that all they want is for him and other children suffering with hearing loss to have the same opportunities as other young people - most of us would consider this a small ask considering the importance of effective communication in a modern day society.

A very positive step forward in the family's campaign happened recently when the department for education revealed that, in direct response from the Jilling's family lawyers it is considering backtracking and making an exception for a GCSE is British Sign Language.

Although not a definitive victory yet this is a very encouraging step in the right direction and reflects the dedication and commitment from Daniel and his family to really make a difference!

Daniel himself started a crowdfunding page which has now received donations in excess of £6,000 - If you would like to find out more about Daniel, what he is campaigning for or to donate yourself please check it out here:

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