Remarkable progress in new drugs to help with hearing loss.


Have you heard (excuse the pun) that scientists are working on the latest technology to create a new drug to treat hearing conditions such as Tinnitus. It is estimated that 10.5 million people in the UK alone suffer from hearing loss, that is approximately 1 in 6. This is mostly related to age, but as the ageing population is increasing this is due to get worse, it is estimated that by 2031 this will affect 14.5 million people. 

Hearing loss can be extremely lonely for anyone suffering from it. It can a have a huge personal and social cost on their lives. There are medical treatments around today, but these are mainly limited to hearing aids and cochlear implants.  

ITV reported on a charity called Action on Hearing Loss who claim that this new treatment will be available and on the market by 2020. We could be entering a new and very exciting era as already they are in the final stages of clinical testing five new drugs!

This is exactly the type of news that we are hoping for at Scott Wroe Hearing and has come just in time for the New Year! 

Happy New Year to One and All! 

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