Second Update from Juno


We love hearing from little Juno and this update is looking really positive. She is developing in leaps and bounds and starting to look much more grown up than the last time we checked in. Taller and sleeker she is looking much more like a proper hearing dog - although she has a bit of a way to go before she is helping to significantly change the life of a person suffering with hearing loss.


With the help of a few treats Juno has demonstrated how well she can focus and concentrate in a busy public area where someone with hearing loss might really need her to be at her sharpest. Juno has demonstrated great potential whilst taking part in activities such as travelling on the bus, walking through a busy town centre & spending time settled in a small cafe.


Juno is well on her way to passing her Puppy Three star award which will mean she is well on her way to qualifying as a fully fledged hearing dog. The people who are looking after her say she has the ideal mix of traits in order to excel at what she is being trained to do. Her recall is great, she walks nicely on her lead, is very obedient and very focused on learning in puppy classes. All very important for the job she is going to be doing once qualified!


The last thing Juno needs to tick off her list in order to get her 3 star is travelling on the train. She is already building up to her assessment in this area and in preparation has been spending time at the station although she did at one point try to follow some people onto their carriage! She will need to get better at controlling her impulses but all in all we are very pleased at how well she is doing.


Keep up the good work Juno!

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