Summer Holidays With Hearing Loss


It’s the Summer holiday which means for many of us, including those with hearing loss, it is time to book time off work and pack up the car - It is time for an adventure! With the UK experiencing prolonged heat wave conditions there really is no need to stray too far from home, A simple camping trip can create wonderful memories for all the family!


If you suffer with hearing loss or are travelling with someone who does there are a number of things that it might be helpful if you are aware of. When visiting somewhere for the first time we use all of our senses to help us find our way around and keep safe. Hearing plays a big part in this too, especially when exploring in the great outdoors!


Plan ahead - If it’s the first time you have gone away with hearing loss or your first time travelling with someone who has it consider your options carefully. It may be a good idea to start fairly close to home, or to pick somewhere that has a good range of facilities. Would you or your companion benefit from staying somewhere that was a bit quieter for example or not too close to a busy main road?


Use your other senses - See, Touch, Smell and Taste your way through this Summer holidays! Being in the great outdoors with hearing loss can sometimes be a daunting prospect but providing you keep aware and make decisions about your trip carefully there really is no reason why this Summer Holidays can’t be one of the best!


Read The Signs - Signs are always your friend whilst in an unfamiliar environment - regardless of whether you can hear or not! Toilets, Picnic Areas, Parking & Dangers can all usually be found signposted around popular tourist hotspots so use these to your advantage. It’s also a good idea to invest in a good map, phone signals and WiFi can’t always be relied on so be sure to have a back up.


Keep your equipment ultra safe - You don’t want to let Hearing aids hold you back when you are on holiday so be sure to keep them safe at all times. Enjoy activities where you don’t need to wear them but be sure you and your travelling companions know where they are at all times. If you think you might be taking part in any water sports whilst you are away it is a really good idea to take a good watertight container. The last thing you need is a leaking flask in the bottom of a rucksack to put a downer on your trip.


The biggest thing to remember is...  Have Fun! The Summer is there to be enjoyed. We hope you have a great trip!

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