Throw Your Own Hearing Friendly BBQ


The Summer is in full swing and with longer days and great weather this year's parties and BBQs are all part of the fun!

These types of events are extremely sensory in every way possible. Smells are everywhere from the delicious food to the smoky haze which lingers on your clothes. There are so many different textures to touch and feel from cold ice lollies on your tongue to the squidgy grass beneath your feet. Colours are abundant in what people are wearing to the drinks being poured and there is so much to taste. Sound plays a big part here too though. Can you imagine enjoying all of this in the same way if you couldn’t enjoy the chatter of friends, or hear the sizzling food or knew when the door bell was ringing to expect new guests?

If you have a friend or family member with hearing loss there are steps you can take when organising your own BBQ to ensure that they have the best time possible.


  • Keep any background music down as much as possible. This can get overlooked sometimes as a good playlist can really with creating atmosphere but your guest with hearing loss could really struggle with conversation as a result.
  • Have some good lighting available for when it starts to get darker in the evening. Your guest with hearing loss may be semi reliant on lip reading and interpreting other guests body language in order to help them communicate.
  • Make sure as the host you introduce everybody at the start. This is a nice thing which is good practice to do anyway but particularly if your guest with hearing loss isn’t already familiar with everyone anyway it can really help break the ice when mingling later on if they know everybody's name in advance.

These really are just a couple of things you can do to ensure that your guest with hearing loss has a great time along with everybody else attending your gathering. By far the best advice though is to ask them if there is anything you can do to help them feel relaxed and enjoy the occasion. Have fun!

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