Your appointment with one of our team of hearing aid specialists will be more like visiting a very friendly, professional member of the family than a big impersonal healthcare institution.

The process is to find out your particular needs and our in-depth test will enable us to discuss the many solutions available. Here’s what to expect:


(1) First, you and your hearing specialist will have a professional chat about your relevant medical history. Your specific difficulties with your hearing and your main concerns. 

(2) Next, they’ll thoroughly, and gently, examine your outer ears, ear canals and eardrums. If required, they’ll use safe, simple, comfortable procedures such as video otoscopy or tympanometry. Whatever they do, your specialist will explain clearly and patiently before, during and after your examination 

(3) After examining your ears, your specialist will do a full air conduction and bone conduction hearing assessment to identify the type and level of hearing loss that you are experiencing. The test also includes a full QuickSin test which provides how well you hear Speech against background noise. 

(4) With your hearing test complete, your specialist audiologist will interpret and patiently explain the results and their meaning in plain, jargon-free, English. Naturally, we’ll encourage you to ask questions.

(5) If a hearing aid devise is needed we will then provide a range of recommendations that we feel confident it solving your particular needs and requirements.

Our Hearing Aid Trial

All of our hearing aids come with a trial basis allowing our patients time to assess their new device with family and friends before committing to purchase. 

We take time to ensure that the hearing aids fit your ears perfectly so it’s comfortable and gives you maximum hearing benefit. We carry out various tests to make sure this is achieved and that your hearing aids are programmed to amplify different kinds of sounds correctly. 

The trial period means you have plenty of time to use our recommended hearing aids in your usual work, leisure and social contexts, with colleagues, friends and family. 

The only obligation over the trial period is £75 which covers the cost of our consumables and you only pay the balance of the hearing aids if you are completely satisfied with our recommendations.

Our Aftercare

Regardless of which brand and particular model of hearing aid we recommend and fit, you will receive one high standard of aftercare after your 30-day trial when we’re both completely happy with your hearing aids.

We’ll tailor a comprehensive aftercare service to your individual requirements and your lifestyle. Typically, this involves six or twelve-monthly check-ups, depending on your needs and your specific model of hearing aids.

You will deal with the same family team on a regular basis who understands your needs and who you have built a relationship with.

Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests in Hereford, Penarth and Malvern