Hearing Protection and Ear Plugs

Do you enjoy shooting, work in the music industry, rely on earplugs for a good night’s sleep, or work in noisy industrial environments? Whether you think of the sounds around you as noise, beautiful music or simply something that goes with work or a hobby, you know hearing protection is vital. And if that ear protection could be supremely comfortable too…

When noise protection is essential, but you need to be able to work, compete or sleep comfortably, we offer a full range of ear protection backed by experienced, professional clinical practitioners. Whether basic 3M foam plugs will suffice, you need custom music plugs, shooting ear protection, industrial ear defenders or soft, comfortable sleep plugs, we can advise on and supply the protection products to help you.

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Ear Protectors for Shooters – CENS Custom Shooting Ear Plugs

Custom Electronic Noise Suppressor (CENS) hearing defenders provide lightweight, unobtrusive, super-comfortable shooting hearing protection. Do you shoot clay pigeons (‘trap shooting’), game or targets? Whatever your shooting interests, these ear plugs are a great alternative to traditional earmuff-style ear defenders. When you compare them, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the difference immediately. For your peace of mind, they’re also tested to the latest CE EN352 requirements. That means you’ll enjoy the best possible noise reduction and ear protection – as well as your hobby.

Custom-Made Ear Protection

CENS ear defenders are custom-made protection products and each set of earplugs is made to fit your ears perfectly. And the digital microelectronic amplifier gives a natural listening experience, so you never miss a sound.

Finally, yet importantly, wearing earplugs needn’t mean sacrificing style when you’re on the range. That’s because the CENS range of hearing protection is available in a wide range of models and colours.

Swim Plugs – For ear protection in the water

Our small, lightweight full shell swim plugs have been designed specifically for swimmers, surfers (avoid ‘surfer’s ear’) and other water sports lovers. People just like you who can’t keep out of the water!

They’re available in soft medical-grade silicone and floatable silicone. The custom fit ensures best possible protection and comfort whether you’re doing lengths at the leisure centre, a triathlon or other long-distance endurance swimming. And of course, they’re hygienic and easy to clean afterwards.

 Sleep Plugs

We offer custom ear moulds developed for sleeping. Sleep plugs will reduce unwanted noise and help you enjoy uninterrupted, restful sleep. They're made from soft silicone for optimal comfort, with a specially designed handle for easy insertion and removal. 

ER Music Plugs

The impressive ER series Musician Earplugs are flat-response attenuators that replicate the natural response of your open ear. Because of this, from delicate choral music to thrash metal's excesses, the sound you hear through these plugs has the same quality as the original. The only difference? It’s quieter, which is perfect whether you’re a music professional or an amateur performer.  

Unlike traditional earplugs, which distort music by muffling sound, these musicians’ earplugs are designed to protect your hearing while delivering clear sound. Because the needs of amateur and professional musicians, and others working in the music industry, vary, these high-quality music plugs are available with 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB filters. If you’re unsure how much noise reduction you need, please ask for advice. It’s what we’re here for!

Noise Protection

Custom filtered noise plugs attenuate noise by varying particular sound frequencies. A sound bore is moulded into the plug and a filter is fitted into this. This permits reception of conversational speech, aeration and changes in air pressure in your ear canal while you are wearing your ear protection.

You’ll find these ear protectors perfect for a wide range of general industrial uses. That’s because you can choose filters depending upon the characteristics, and noise reduction requirements, of, a specific environment. 

For maximum benefit, we always recommend discussing your noise reduction needs with us. That way, we can make sure we correctly match an earplug and filter combination to your requirement.

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Your ear protection is important and it matters to us that it is right. We supply custom-made ear protection for many applications and back it with a fully trained clinical team. Please contact us to talk to one of our specialists.

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Our Services

We offer a large range of hearing services including comprehensive hearing assessments, advanced fitting of hearing aid(s), Tinnitus Management and Earwax removal (Microsuction).

Some of our hearing services include:

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  • Speech Mapping facilities
  • Tympanometry
  • Video Otoscopy
  • Tinnitus Management
  • Earwax Removal (Microsuction)
  • Comprehensive Hearing Assessment
  • Ear Protection (Noise, Shooting, Sleep and Swim plugs)

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