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Hearing loss can happen to any of us. The causes can range from temporary hearing loss after listening to loud music, to build-up of earwax, or the natural ageing that eventually affects us all!

Are you experiencing hearing loss? Concerned about protecting your hearing at work or during sports such as shooting? If conversations seem harder to understand, or friends tease you for having the TV very loud, it’s worth talking with us about your hearing care or ear health. Or arranging a hearing test with a hearing specialist at one of our convenient local clinics.

We’re a traditional family business based in Hereford, Malvern, Penarth, Cinderford, and Bishop's Cleeve. Other people, facing hearing challenges just like you, love how we combine years of experience, reassuring audiology knowledge and friendly, helpful care from the first time they get in touch. Please contact us today!

How to improve your hearing

If you’ve experienced hearing loss, the good news is that it’s often possible to improve your hearing and your quality of life.

Trust us. We’ll never make a diagnosis or recommend solutions (be it wax removal or one of the available hearing aids) without thoroughly understanding you, your lifestyle and your hearing loss.

Excellent results…

Removing earwax might be all it takes to improve your hearing without a hearing aid. You see, we’ve got a quick, effective, proven and comfortable procedure that’s much safer than traditional ear syringing. However, what if something else is causing your hearing loss? Our experience and knowledge of modern audiology and hearing aids means we can recommend and fit a wide range of hearing improvements with excellent results.

If this is you, your biggest challenge is likely to be asking for professional help. Please don’t wait to arrange an initial consultation with a hearing specialist at one of our conveniently located clinics. It really could be the call that transforms your hearing and restores your quality of life – we see it happen so often.

What to expect

Please relax! Your appointment with one of our hearing specialists will be more like visiting a very friendly, professional member of the family than a big impersonal healthcare institution. Customers love the personal service and reassuring welcome from our team. Here’s what to expect:

(1) First, you and your hearing specialist will have a friendly, professional chat about your relevant medical history.

(2) Next, they’ll thoroughly, and gently, examine your outer ears, ear canals and eardrums. If required, they’ll use safe, simple, comfortable procedures such as video otoscopy or tympanometry. Whatever they do, your specialist will explain everything clearly and patiently before, during and after your examination – we’ll never rush you.

(3) After examining your ears, your specialist will do various hearing tests to identify the type and level of hearing loss that you experience. The tests include one for how well you hear speech against background noise. 

(4) With your hearing tests complete, your specialist audiologist will skilfully interpret and patiently explain the results and their meaning in plain, jargon-free, English. Naturally, we’ll encourage you to ask any questions.

(5) Only then, whether they recommend hearing care advice, simple earwax removal or prescription of hearing aids, will your audiologist discuss the most appropriate way to improve your hearing. And of course the reasons for their recommendation.

The benefits of visiting a family-run hearing clinic

This is where we could tell you about our friendly, helpful family team. Or our hard-earned reputation for successfully correcting hearing loss. And of course we could mention being part of the local community wherever we have clinics, and it’s all true!

Alternatively, please take few moments to watch some video testimonials from customers who benefited from services ranging from a hearing test or wax removal to fitting a digital hearing aid. Like you, they were looking for a trusted, knowledgeable local hearing clinic. Now, as they explain, they enjoy the rewards of improved hearing health, better hearing and transformed quality of life.

How will our friendly, professional team improve your hearing and quality of life? Please get in touch to start experiencing the benefits of our personal service.

Aftercare Service

Your personal hearing care begins when you call us or pop in to one of our clinics.

It continues with thorough assessment, prescription, fitting, trialling and individually tailored aftercare. By the way, there’s no extra charge for your aftercare if you come in to one of our branches.

Remember, we’re here for you as long as you need us, not just until we’ve made a sale.


Phone, email or pop in to book your appointment

If you sense that your hearing, or a family member’s hearing, is deteriorating, please get in touch as soon as possible. We can give you more information or arrange an appointment with a hearing specialist.


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