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Case Studies

Mr Martin

Mr Martin came to see us from a recommendation. He had previously been fitted with hearing aids by a national firm and was looking for an improvement in his hearing but also for a practice that can provide a more personal service. He suffers from a fluctuating loss and needs regular follow-up appointments to maintain his hearing aids. We perform MicroSuction on his ears when needed and have also referred him to a specific ENT consultant who has been able to solve the ongoing problems with infections that he has experienced. 

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Mr Bird

Mr Bird was finding great difficulty in hearing family members at home as well as struggling listening to the Tv and hearing on his home telephone. He suffers from a severe high tone sensorineural hearing loss on both ears. We fitted a binaural pair of Phonak hearing aids which has improved his hearing and then added the compatible Phonak Dect telephones and Phonak TvLink which have solved the main issues at home and with TV hearing.

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Our Services

We offer a large range of hearing services. including comprehensive hearing tests and fitting, Wax removal (MicroSuction) and Ear Protection. We also offer outstanding aftercare with free 6 monthly or yearly aftercare at our clinics in Hereford, Malvern and Penarth 

Some of our services include: