Equipment & Expertise

Investing in the Latest Technology

We are very proud of the equipment we use at each of our Centres. They are an investment in the best technology to allow us to provide expert advice based on sound information. It’s this combination of measurement and highly experienced audiologists which we think sets us apart and means you can rely on our advice. Although we are passionate about this equipment we suspect you may be less interested in their specifications and rather just feel re-assured you are in safe hands!


Sound insulated testing booths
Natus Aurical Audiometers and Aurical Freefit – Real Ear Measurements
Video Otoscopy ( a tiny camera which relays the image of your ear canal and eardrum to a screen )
Tympanometry facilities ( a medical test that measures the function and movement of the eardrum and middle ear )
Full visual display so you can actually see in detail your results and hearing aid fitting.

Earwax Removal

Fully adjustable ENT ( Ear nose and throat ) chair with head support.
Surgical grade Binocular Microscopes
Video Otoscopy including display for patients
Otopront Microsuction Devices