We understand that it’s a big a step to start using a hearing aid – or even to change to a different hearing aid. Please don’t worry; you are in safe, experienced hands. 

After years supplying, fitting and maintaining customers' hearing aids, we also understand what a positive, revelatory experience this can be. And how matching you with the most appropriate technology can successfully counteract your hearing loss and improve your quality of life.

That’s why we go to such lengths to understand your lifestyle, assess your hearing loss, recommend the most suitable hearing aid and support you as you trial it, get used to it and use it. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a caring family business would you?

Only the best devices, including Oticon and Phonak hearing aids

Even the world’s best digital hearing aid technology won’t properly compensate for poor testing and diagnosis of hearing deficiency. Equally, all our experience and our most skilful clinical audiology could easily be undermined by  unsuitable or poor-quality types of hearing devices.

That’s why we set such great store by our independent status. And why we put so much effort into applying our knowledge of hearing aid manufacturers and their products. The result is that we only recommend the very best devices. It takes detailed, up-to-date product knowledge, deep technical understanding and lots of experience. But it’s worth the effort when we see you enjoying the benefit.

Improve your hearing with top hearing aid brands

Having the best devices at our disposal means we can choose from the best of the best, including Widex, Starkey, GN ReSound, Unitron, Oticon and Phonak hearing aids. Being completely independent helps enormously. Believe us, choosing between, say, the best Phonak or Oticon hearing devices requires real skill, experience and complete objectivity.

It also means keeping current with manufacturer’s ongoing product developments, including the smallest, most unobtrusive ‘invisible hearing aids’. And of course, it’s about knowing how to skilfully match specific brand and product combinations to your unique hearing aid requirement.


Fitting your hearing aid

Correctly fitting your hearing aid requires more than just giving you a hearing test and matching a suitable device to your hearing requirements.

We need to make sure your device fits into your ears perfectly so it is comfortable and gives you maximum hearing benefit. We carry out various tests to make sure this is achieved and that your hearing aid is programmed to amplify different kinds of sound correctly.

Fitting doesn’t stop there either. With your hearing aid set up for optimum benefit, your audiologist will go through the care and maintenance of your device. This will include things such as inserting your hearing aid, ongoing hearing care and even how to change batteries.

With all this done, you’re ready to start your 30-day trial.

Your free 30-day hearing aid trial

As mentioned in the section on hearing assessment, you get a free 30-day trial with all hearing aids that we prescribe.

From experience, we know it’s the best way to make sure you are completely happy with our hearing aid recommendation. It also means you have plenty of time to use our recommended hearing aid in your usual work, leisure and social contexts, with colleagues, friends and family. It's a good way to make sure a technically sound recommendation is also right for your lifestyle.

Matching the two is the key to your long-term satisfaction with our proposed hearing solution. 

Hearing aid aftercare

Regardless of which brand and particular model of hearing aid we recommend and fit, you will receive one high standard of aftercare after your 30-day trial when we’re both completely happy with your hearing aid.

We’ll tailor a comprehensive aftercare service to your individual requirements and your lifestyle. Typically, this involves six or twelve monthly check-ups, depending on your needs and your specific model of hearing aid.

We're sure you’ll also be pleased to know this includes ongoing hearing examinations too. They’re included in your aftercare package so you won’t face any surprise costs in the future.

Phone, email or pop in to make your appointment

Our friendly family team is always here to help with any aspect of hearing, hearing assessment or supply and aftercare of hearing aids. Whatever your concerns about hearing, please contact us for advice or to arrange an appointment.


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