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Welcome to our friendly fully equipped hearing centre, conveniently located in the middle of Hereford on Blackfriars Street. Our family practice has been in Audiology for over 30 years. Scott Wroe who continues the family audiology tradition, qualified as a hearing aid audiologist in 1998. He’s a Fellow of the Society of British Audiologists and a member of the British Academy of Audiology.

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Microsuction & Irrigation

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A Family Practice

As a traditional family practice, we are completely independent. This means unlike with the large audiology chains, you can be confident that our advice on hearing aid technologies and accessories will be completely unbiased.

You can trust our friendly, helpful and always professional welcome that is at the heart of our work. And with our clinic accessible in the heart of Hereford it’s easy to improve your hearing and quality of life.

Our Hereford Practice provides Hearing tests and Microsuction earwax removal to patients in Leominster, Ross on Wye , Hay on Wye, Ledbury and the surrounding areas.

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Visit Our Centre

If you have any questions or concerns, we would highly recommend you come and see us. Our team are here to help our clients and want to ensure service satisfaction from start to finish. Most often this initial chat will help set your mind at ease.


Guaranteed Quality

Whether you are with us for a hearing test, hearing aid fitting or earwax removal our mission is for you to leave feeling your visit was beneficial. We may discuss a follow up appointment to make sure both you and our team are satisfied with progress.


Quick & Painless Procedures

Our testing, fitting and earwax removal procedures generally take between 15 to 30 minutes. As well as being safe and quick, they are comfortable and hygienic. Throughout, your hearing aid audiologist will explain what they are doing.


Our Fees

Please see our Fees page for more information. We are totally focussed on helping you with the specialist knowledge of our experienced audiologists and our sophisticated equipment. We only advise what is in your best interests.

Find Us

Our Hereford Practice is situated in the centre of Hereford, next to the main parking for the shopping development “Old Market Hereford” and Waitrose and 50 yards from Hereford Football ground. The practice building is a Victorian semi with a modern reception built onto the side of the property, and is directly opposite the newly built Hereford Premier Inn City Centre car park entrance. We have two parking spaces at the front of the practice so patients can often park right outside. Nearby parking can also be found in the Old Market development, Merton Meadow Car park and Garrick House multi Storey car park which is just around the corner in Widemarsh Street.

Find Out More About Scott Wroe

  1. Do I Need To Book An Appointment In Advance?

  2. You will need to book an appointment in advance to be seen by the team at Scott Wroe.
  3. What Happens During The Appointment?

  4. What happens during your appointment will depend on whether you are getting a hearing test or earwax removal.

    During a hearing test appointment one of our team will have a professional chat about your relevant medical history and your specific problems. They will examine your outer ears, ear canals and the eardrums. If the ear canals are clear we will explain how we will perform the hearing test and you will go in either a sound booth or an acoustic treated booth to be tested.

    At an earwax removal appointment you’ll have a thorough consultation with your ear care specialist to discuss and note your relevant medical history and you can ask any questions.
    We then use a specialised instrument, with a tiny video camera that transmits images to a screen, to look into your ears. During your procedure, your qualified practitioner uses a special binocular microscope to view the ear canal and eardrum while using a low-pressure suction device to very gently remove the earwax.
  5. How Long Do Procedures Take?

  6. Microsuction earwax removal usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes. Hearing tests usually take between 40 to 60 minutes.
  7. What Are The Fees For The Procedures?

  8. You can find our full price list and our professional charges on our fees page.
  9. Is There Anything To Do Before The Procedure?

  10. Before an earwax removal appointment we recommend using olive oil ‘ear drops’ morning and evening for two to three days before your visit. This will soften the build-up of earwax and make removal easier.
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