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We are a second-generation family practice with over 30 years audiology experience. Conveniently located in Barnards Green in Malvern, you will find our team friendly and entirely focussed on helping you with your hearing needs.

Your Hearing, in Safe Hands

We are completely independent, family practice. This means we are very different to the big national audiology companies in that we can provide impartial advice on the most suitable hearing aid technologies and accessories. You are in safe hands with our friendly, helpful and always professional welcome, consistent across all our service. We welcome customers from Malvern and all areas of Worcestershire to our clinic in Barnards Green.

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Visit Our Centre

If you have any questions or concerns, we would highly recommend you come and see us. Our team are here to help our clients and want to ensure service satisfaction from start to finish. Most often this initial chat will help set your mind at ease.


Guaranteed Quality

Whether you are with us for a hearing test, hearing aid fitting or earwax removal our mission is for you to leave feeling your visit was beneficial. We may discuss a follow up appointment to make sure both you and our team are satisfied with progress.


Quick & Painless Procedures

Our testing, fitting and earwax removal procedures generally take between 15 to 30 minutes. As well as being safe and quick, they are comfortable and hygienic. Throughout, your hearing aid audiologist will explain what they are doing.


Our Fees

Please see our Fees page for more information. We are totally focussed on helping you with the specialist knowledge of our experienced audiologists and our sophisticated equipment. We only advise what is in your best interests.

Find Us

Our Malvern practice is situated in Barnards Green, Malvern. As you come into Barnards Green there are shops either side and there is an Island at one end of the short retail strip with trees in it. The practice is facing the island. We are on the same side and in between the large Co Op and Post Office. Alongside both sides of the retail shops there is parking for an hour and for longer stays at the end of the retail strip heading out towards Upton upon Severn there is a small car park called Geraldine Car park that provides parking for longer.

Find Out More About Scott Wroe

  1. Who Is Scott Wroe?

  2. Scott is the second generation in a family practice established since 1988. He qualified as a hearing aid audiologist in 1998 and trained at Aston University in Irrigation and Microsuction earwax removal. He is a Fellow of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists as well as a member of the British Academy of Audiology and works with hearing impaired patients at Hereford’s private Nuffield hospital working with referrals from ENT consultants and GP surgeries. Each of our centres has been fully modernised and equipped with the very latest in testing and fitting equipment from world leading audiological specialist Interacoustics. All of our centres have also been fitted with ENT grade Microscopes and fully adjustable ENT chairs enabling Scott and the team to perform Microsuction earwax removal to exceptionally high standards in hygienic and safe environments.
  3. The Most Advanced Equipment

  4. Having the best devices at our disposal means we can choose from the best of the best including Oticon, Widex, Starkey, GNresound, Unitron, Oticon and Phoank hearing aids. Being completely independent helps enormously. Believe us, choosing between, say, the best Phoank and or Oticon hearing devices requires real skill, experience and complete objectivity. It also means keeping current with the manufacturer’s ongoing product developments, including the smallest, most unobtrusive ‘invisible hearing aids’. And of course, it’s about knowledge how to skilfully match specific brand and product combinations to your unique hearing aid requirements.
  5. Proudly Independent

  6. Even the world’s best digital hearing aid technology won’t properly compensate for poor testing and diagnosis of hearing deficiency. Equally, all our experience and our most skilful clinical audiology could easily be undermined by unsuitable or poor-quality types of hearing devices. That’s why we set such great store by our independent status. And why we put so much effort into applying our knowledge of hearing aid manufacturers and their products. The result is that we only recommend the very best devices. It takes detailed, up-to-date product knowledge, deep technical understanding and lots of experience.
  7. A Caring Approach

  8. After years of supplying, fitting and maintaining customers’ hearing aids, we also understand what a positive, revelatory experience this can be. And how matching the most appropriate technology can successfully counteract your hearing loss and improve your quality of life. We take the time to understand your lifestyle, assess your hearing loss, recommend the most suitable hearing aid and support you as you trial it, get used to it and use it. That comes from our caring family practice.
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