Major turning point in the campaign for GCSE British Sign Language!

In a breakthrough moment the UK government has backed down on its decision to delay introducing a GCSE in British Sign Language after the family of Daniel Jillings, a 12 year old boy with hearing loss, threatened legal action.

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Play it by ear

Hearing loss is typically discussed amongst those in their golden years and but it’s always good to remind those around you of the dangers of listening to music too loudly.

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Remarkable progress in new drugs to help with hearing loss.

Have you heard (excuse the pun) that scientists are working on the latest technology to create a new drug to treat hearing conditions such as Tinnitus.

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Third update from Juno!

We have had an update from the AMAZING Juno, she is still as happy as ever even on these cold and crisp mornings!

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It's that time of year when the 'common cold' becomes more... Common?

Did you know that a simple cold infection, can in some cases have a devastating impact on your hearing?

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Here are three important reasons to look after your hearing… Oh, and how to do it!

The statistics on the number of people with hearing loss are significant and with more than 40% of people over the age of 50 suffering from some sort of hearing issues. With an aging population those numbers are only going to go up, and that is why we have provided you with three important reasons to look after your hearing.

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Summer holiday planned? Things you should know when flying with tinnitus…

Before you proceed to the tips and useful information provided in this blog post, I would like to reassure you that most people with tinnitus don’t experience any adverse effects on their condition whilst flying. However, in the unlikely situation that you do, it is most likely only going to be temporary and minor.

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Throw Your Own Hearing Friendly BBQ

The Summer is in full swing and with longer days and great weather this year parties and BBQs are all part of the fun!

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Our Services

We offer a large range of hearing services including comprehensive hearing assessments, advanced fitting of hearing aid(s), Tinnitus Management and Earwax removal (Microsuction).

Some of our hearing services include:

  • QuickSin Testing
  • Speech Mapping facilities
  • Tympanometry
  • Video Otoscopy
  • Tinnitus Management
  • Earwax Removal (Microsuction)
  • Comprehensive Hearing Assessment
  • Ear Protection (Noise, Shooting, Sleep and Swim plugs)

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