Second Update from Juno

Juno is really growing up! She is getting bigger and looking much more like a grown up - although she is still a very sweet and energetic puppy at heart. Check out how well she is doing with her training.

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5 reasons why you should get your hearing checked

Just some reasons to get everything checked out if you think you are suffering with hearing loss but there are many more. Don’t delay - the quicker you react the better.

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How Hearing Dogs Change Lives

You may have seen some updates from us recently about the hearing puppy we are sponsoring called Juno. Juno is unbelievably cute and excelling in her training but how exactly will she be able to make a positive impact on a person with profound hearing loss in the future?

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Get the family together this Easter!

Thinking of hosting a family gathering this Easter and have a guest with hearing loss? Find out some top tips on how you can best accomodate their needs and ensure everybody has a good time.

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Check out our first update from our sponsored hearing puppy Juno!

We are pleased to share some details about how our sponsored hearing puppy Juno is getting on.

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You don't have to shout to be heard by someone with hearing loss

Busy gatherings and events over the festive period at Christmas and New Year can be a difficult time for people with hearing loss.

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Meet our sponsored Hearing Dog Juno

Hearing Dogs can have a profound impact on the life of a person living with hearing loss.

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You can follow us on social media

Follow us on social media for all the latest from Scott Wroe and related industry news.

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Fireworks and your hearing

Darker nights are here perfect for fireworks displays to celebrate Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Years Eve. Everyone loves the oooh and ahhh of a good fireworks display, us included, but whilst they are good to look at they are not so good for your hearing.

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Quite a lot of our patients will have already seen the new practice at 10 Royal buildings. When we purchased the premises it was in quite a state but as the shop fitters worked through the building they discovered a beautiful Victorian fireplace with original tiles hidden behind a wall.

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Our Services

We offer a large range of hearing services including comprehensive hearing assessments, advanced fitting of hearing aid(s), Tinnitus Management and Earwax removal (Microsuction).

Some of our services include:

  • QuickSin Testing
  • Speech Mapping facilities
  • Tympanometry
  • Video Otoscopy
  • Tinnitus Management
  • Earwax Removal (Microsuction)
  • Comprehensive Hearing Assessment
  • Ear Protection (Noise, Shooting, Sleep and Swim plugs)